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Email is more relevant than ever

Email usage and adoption is growing at a constant rate of 3% per year. Today about 4 billion people use email every day and the number of mailboxes are expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. (Statista, 2021)

The value of email should not be underestimated. More than ever, companies of all sizes, are digitalizing their business. Today, no company, no matter how small, is not complete without an email address. Still providers often only offer a basic email product, which does not engage their users or provide the features that they need. Not only does this undermine their business, but it is also a huge, missed opportunity.

Email that sells

Email is the first thing that all businesses need and is the only product that unites all businesses. Therefore, it is vital to provide users with the best experience they can get.

OX Cloud is a professional email and productivity platform. It delivers a rich and powerful email experience that your end-users deserve.

Designed primarily for small businesses, OX Cloud provides resellers of all sizes with a highly competitive, desirable, and scalable solution

Hosting, in general, can be a product that offers razor-thin margins. In addition, ISPs and other service providers will benefit from a product that offers built-in profitability. Email can provide additional revenue opportunities as it offers more room for growth, in terms of features and functionality, than web hosting.

Powerful email features

Email is more than just sending and receiving messages. Your business users need more: the ability to integrate multiple email sources, send/receive secure emails, filter, and organize emails, delegate functions, contextual overviews are just the start. OX Cloud provides all these functions and more.

Quality Professional Email

When your customers purchase an OX Cloud package, and then open their email, first impressions count. OX Cloud gives them a great experience in every way – from its design, onboarding features, integrated help, and interactive guides, through to its advanced features and unparalleled security.

OX Cloud is powerful enough to grow with your users and their businesses. From their initial simple email requirements to when they become a power-user, setting up international meetings, managing shared collateral and more, OX Cloud has it covered

Why OX Cloud for Providers

First and foremost, OX Cloud provides a safe and stable platform. It provides 99.9% uptime with its georedundant datacenters. It delivers security by being inherently securer (security certified and maintained) as well as providing security features to your customers. It is already trusted by some of the largest Hosters and Providers around the world. Finally, it provides an unmatched user experience not seen in any other email-based product on the market. This product will enhance your business and maintain your reputation.

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