Email for today

Email is more than just sending and receiving messages. Your business needs more: the ability to integrate multiple email sources, send/receive secure emails, filter, and organize emails, delegate functions, and contextual overviews are just the start. OX Cloud provides all these functions and more.

Beyond Email

A complete business email solution is a unified communications and collaboration platform. Businesses need email that is tightly integrating with their business calendar, task management and cloud storage. Soon collaboration and sharing features become a must have too.

OX Cloud is one of the only fully integrated cloud-based, email centric, information management solutions available. It lets business users of all sizes work seamlessly with emails, appointments, tasks, and file storage/editing. Once experienced, business users will not want for anything else.

Power Users and Larger Businesse

OX Cloud is packaged so that your customers can grow. Start with email and calendars, then upgrade with advanced security, productivity, and storage capacity. Keep your customers happy as they grow and expand
Quality Professional Email

OX Cloud provides a great business experience in every way – from its design, onboarding features, integrated help, and interactive guides, through to its advanced features and unparalleled security.

OX Cloud is designed to let small businesses stars small and powerful enough to grow with any business. From their initial simple email requirements to when they become a power-user, setting up international meetings, managing shared collateral and more, OX Cloud has it covered.

Why OX Cloud for businesses

First and foremost, OX Cloud provides a safe and stable platform with 99.9% uptime achieved by its georedundant datacenters. It delivers security by being inherently securer (security certified and maintained) as well as providing security features to business users really appreciate. Businesses can start small and gradually upgrade the solution to meet their specific needs. Finally, it provides an unmatched user experience not seen in any other email-based product on the market. This product will enhance your business and keep your staff happy and productive

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